Kawaii Assistant ft. Suki Yamamoto for iPhone

Kawaii Assistant makes its debut with the help of Vice Republic apparel secretary, Suki Yamamoto. Now you can see how nice it is to have your own personal Japanese assistant to help you with all your tasks throughout the day -- for FREE!

Suki can help you keep notes, make critical decisions for you, and even play games with you when you’re bored! Be careful though, like any other assistant, she does better work when treated like a lady.

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+ Fully interactive with high definition visuals and sounds

+ Progressive game play mode with tons of replay value

+ Memo taking feature

+ Advice feature

+ Realistic visuals and reactions to all types of user input

+ Unlockable modes showing Suki in different outfits

+ Multiple language support

Version History

1.2 Feb 29, 2012. iOS5 related bug fixes. Smoother video transitions.

1.1 Jan 20, 2012. Minor UI tweaks. Bug fixes for improved performance.

1.0 Jan 9, 2012. Initial release.